Sweden Run 4 Ung Cancer

Jag har precis sprungit genom Sverige för att samla in pengar till Ung Cancer! Bidra genom att klicka på länken, dvs bilden nedan! 😉



Så här blev rutten:

28 maj Treriksröset-Karesuando dag 1 50 km 50 km
29 maj Treriksröset-Karesuando dag 2 63 km 113 km
30 maj Karesuando-Gällivare dag 1 52 km 165 km
31 maj Karesuando-Gällivare dag 2 50 km 215 km
1 juni Karesuando-Gällivare dag 3 54 km 269 km
2 juni Karesuando-Gällivare dag 4 52 km 321 km
3 juni Gällivare-Jokkmokk dag 1 53 km 374 km
4 juni Gällivare-Jokkmokk dag 2 50 km 424 km
5 juni Jokkmokk-Arvidsjaur dag 1 54 km 478 km
6 juni Jokkmokk-Arvidsjaur dag 2 53 km 531 km
7 juni Jokkmokk-Arvidsjaur dag 3 53 km 584 km
8 juni Arvidsjaur-Storuman dag 1 51 km 635 km
9 juni Arvidsjaur-Storuman dag 2 52 km 687 km
10 juni Storuman-Vilhelmina dag 1 52 km 739 km
11 juni Storuman-Vilhelmina dag 2 50 km 789 km
12 juni Vilhelmina-Strömsund dag 1 54 km 843 km
13 juni Vilhelmina-Strömsund dag 2 56 km 899 km
14 juni Strömsund-Östersund dag 1 51 km 950 km
15 juni Strömsund-Östersund dag 2 50 km 1000 km
16 juni Östersund-Mora dag 1 43 km 1043 km
17 juni Östersund-Mora dag 2 52 km 1095 km
18 juni Östersund-Mora dag 3 52 km 1147 km
19 juni Östersund-Mora dag 4 53 km 1200 km
20 juni Östersund-Mora dag 5 53 km 1253 km
21 juni Östersund-Mora dag 6 52 km 1305 km
22 juni Mora-Vansbro dag 1 50 km 1355 km
23 juni Mora-Vansbro dag 2 50 km 1405 km
24 juni Vansbro-Filipstad 50 km 1455 km
25 juni Filipstad-Storfors 52 km 1507 km
26 juni Storfors-Karlskoga 52 km 1559 km
27 juni Karlskoga-Askersund 52 km 1611 km
28 juni Askersund-Motala 50 km 1661 km
29 juni Motala-Tranås 48 km 1709 km
30 juni Tranås-Eksjö 54 km 1763 km
1 juli Eksjö-Sävsjö 54 km 1817 km
2 juli Sävsjö-Alvesta 50 km 1867 km
3 juli Alvesta-Älmhult 53 km 1917 km
4 juli Älmhult-Hörby 54 km 1971 km
5 juli Hörby-Harlösa 53 km 2024 km
6 juli Harlösa-Smygehuk 50 km 2074 km


Uppdaterad rutt!

Projektet #SWEDENRUN4UNGCANCER påbörjas på söndag 28/5! Den uppdaterade rutten ser ut så här! För att bidra till insamlingen, KLICKA HÄR!!!

28-30 maj Treriksröset-Karesuando
31 maj-3 juni Karesuando-Gällivare
3-24 juni Gällivare-Uppsala
25 juni Uppsala-Bålsta
26 juni Bålsta-Stockholm
27 juni Stockholm-Järna
28 juni Järna-Nyköping
29 juni Nyköping-Norrköping
30 juni Norrköping-Linköping
1 juli Linköping-Boxholm
2 juli Boxholm-Aneby
3 juli Aneby-Sävsjö
4 juli Sävsjö-Växjö
5 juli Växjö-Tingsryd
6 juli Tingsryd-Olofström
7 juli Olofström-Kristianstad
8 juli Kristianstad-Eslöv
9 juli Eslöv-Smygehuk

Från Gällivare till Uppsala är det osäkert hur långt jag kommer att springa dagligen, det hela beror på dagsform. 😉

Sweden Run 4 Ung Cancer – Rutten klar!

Nu är rutten spikad! Så här kommer jag att springa genom Sverige i projektet Sweden Run 4 Ung Cancer!

29 maj Treriksröset-Karesuando dag 1
30 maj Treriksröset-Karesuando dag 2
31 maj Karesuando-Luleå dag 1
1 juni Karesuando-Luleå dag 2
2 juni Karesuando-Luleå dag 3
3 juni Karesuando-Luleå dag 4
4 juni Karesuando-Luleå dag 5
5 juni Karesuando-Luleå dag 6
6 juni Karesuando-Luleå dag 7
7 juni Luleå-Piteå
8 juni Piteå-Skellefteå dag 1
9 juni Piteå-Skellefteå dag 2
10 juni Skellefteå-Umeå dag 1
11 juni Skellefteå-Umeå dag 2
12 juni Skellefteå-Umeå dag 3
13 juni Umeå-Övik dag 1
14 juni Umeå-Övik dag 2
15 juni Övik-Härnösand dag 1
16 juni Övik-Härnösand dag 2
17 juni Härnösand-Sundsvall
18 juni Sundsvall-Hudik dag 1
19 juni Sundsvall-Hudik dag 2
20 juni Hudiksvall-Söderhamn
21 juni Söderhamn-Gävle dag 1
22 juni Söderhamn-Gävle dag 2
23 juni Gävle-Tierp
24 juni Tierp-Uppsala
25 juni Uppsala-Bålsta
26 juni Bålsta-Stockholm
27 juni Stockholm-Järna
28 juni Järna-Nyköping
29 juni Nyköping-Norrköping
30 juni Norrköping-Linköping
1 juli Linköping-Boxholm
2 juli Boxholm-Aneby
3 juli Aneby-Sävsjö
4 juli Sävsjö-Växjö
5 juli Växjö-Tingsryd
6 juli Tingsryd-Olofström
7 juli Olofström-Kristianstad
8 juli Kristianstad-Eslöv
9 juli Eslöv-Smygehuk

40@40 – The end

The time is 4:58 in the morning on December 11th 2016 and I am standing in line to use the restroom before running the Honolulu marathon. The national anthem has just been sung and fireworks are blazing in the sky. I look over and see that the line to the ladies room is much shorter than mine, which means that my friend Sarah will be out and ready to start before I am. When I am done in the restroom I walk over to the start. The gun went of several minutes ago and when I start walking inside the starting area I realize that I am one of the last people in the marathon, just in front of the walkers.

As soon as I am able to start running I pass so many people along the way, so many different shapes and colors, so many different backgrounds. But now we are all here and we all have the same goal: to reach the finish line. My background is that I set out to run 40 marathons and ultra marathons this year, the year I turned 40, to raise as much money as possible for cancer research. This is race number 40, the big finish. I turn up the volume on my iPhone and pass more people. My legs are fresh and my body feels energized, but after about 10k of the race something happens; my brain is telling me to turn the music off, go slower, and take this whole thing in. I stop at a couple of places and dance to the music that they are playing. Spectators and other runners laugh and take pictures.

This year has had so many experiences that I will always be thankful for, but I haven’t been emotional at all about it, I have just enjoyed the traveling and the running. For a minute I find that elusive state of being, where I am just in the moment taking it all in not thinking of anything else, something that is very rare for me. I glide along and for that minute the world is mine and nothing can go wrong.

All of a sudden I am yanked out of my perfect state of being in the now. It is the halfway mark, the sign that tells me that I have ran a half marathon and that there is only the back 21,1k that separates me from reaching my goal. With no warning whatsoever I can feel a surge of emotions going through my body, and it is like everything emotional has been suppressed during the year and is now about to explode. I think of my aunt, who the week before the marathon, like both my grandmothers, my mom, and my uncle before her, died of cancer before I could finish the project and go back to Sweden and see her again. I can’t hold it in and i break down in tears. An older lady volunteer asks me if I am alright at the following aid station and I nod my head as I am sobbing like a baby.

We do a big loop before we go back towards town and I think of my aunt, who was a very special person to say the least. I think about her crazy antics over the years and I laugh before I start crying again. At around 31k a couple of guys are standing on their lawn splashing runners who want to cool off with their garden hose. I run up to one of the guys, hand him my phone and ask for a picture, which he is happy to take. As I stand in the water spraying me I can feel the sadness go away for a moment, as if the guy is washing it off for me. The sadness is gone and I feel happy to be alive.


With about 5k left to go some girls with ”free hugs” t-shirts give me a beer. I chug the beer as three of the girls give me a hug. I run down the mountain and as I get closer to the finish I realize how much I don’t want this to be over. I just want to keep on running. Forever. I soon reach Kapiolani park though and I can see the finish line in the distance. I get closer and hear my name being announced by the speaker just before I cross the line where a smiling girl hangs a necklace around my neck and congratulates me on my finish. Another girl hangs a medal around my neck with the same greeting and I walk out of the finishing area to try and find my fast friend Sarah, who no doubt finished ahead of me.

After walking around for a couple of minutes, I see Sarah in the crowd looking for me. I walk up to her and we congratulate each other, smiling, but the moment we hug I feel so empty and vulnerable that I don’t know what to do. For some reason, I want to seem cool and I barely manage to hold back the tears. Sarah has arranged a ride back to her house but I tell her that I’ll walk. After a picture together we part ways and I go to Starbucks and get a cappuccino, after which I get my finisher shirt.

My body is feeling good but my inside is in total turmoil. It is with an empty soul that I somehow end up on the beach, where I sit down and stare at the ocean. The sun is warm and welcoming and I take my shirt off to get some vitamin D when all those feelings start to come back again. I make my finisher shirt in to a ball, put my face in it and cry uncontrollably for several minutes. When I finally come to my senses I go down to the water and splash my face with the salty water of the pacific and I take a deep breath of the fresh ocean air.

Before I go, I take a picture of my medal in the sand, so that I have something good for my social media outlets. I smile and feel warm inside. The show must go on, I think, and whatever it feels like today, I realize that the sun will come up tomorrow and with it a new chance to make a difference. As I leave the beach for the 5k walk back to the house, I start thinking of next years project. While 40 races in a year, a total of 1843,8 kilometers (1176,9 miles) and 1858696 steps is a massive undertaking, I am looking forward to a project that will be REALLY wild. 😉

img_1471 img_1477


40 @ 40 rullar vidare!









Jag sitter på hotellrummet i Frankfurt, staden där jag ska springa maraton på söndag, och fredagsmyser! Det som gör den här fredagen till extra mysig är att Ena-Håbo tidningen har uppmärksammat min insamling 40 @ 40, som samlar in pengar för att hjälpa till att besegra cancer (läs mer under fliken ovan) både på sidan 6 i tidningen och på självaste framsidan! Om ni vill läsa tidningen, så finns länken HÄR.

Om ni vill bidra till insamlingen så är det bara att klicka på länken nedan, alla bidrag hjälper till! FUCK CANCER!


40 @ 40 2016 – loppen!

What lies ahead for me? Can anything top the great Vol State road race where I met these two awesome guys; Lazarus Lake and TJ Dailey in July 2015.

What lies ahead for me? Can anything top the great Vol State road race where I met these two awesome guys; Lazarus Lake and TJ Dailey in July 2015?

The preliminary list of races that I will run in 2016 to fight cancer in the 40 @ 40 project is now official under 40 @ 40 in the menu above!

The list is subject to change, so check back often so you don’t miss anything!