My races

Some of the races I have done:


6 sjöar marathon
1st 40-44 agegroup, 2nd overall

F1 Challenge, Gravesend, 6-hour timerace
2nd marathon overall, 4th ultramarathon overall

Olympic Race, Gravesend, 6-hour timerace
2nd marathon overall, 6th ultramarathon overall

Öland marathon
1st 40-44 agegroup, 5th overall

Kustmaran Kristianopel
1st 35-39 agegroup, 4th overall

Natursti marathon
1st 35-39 agegroup, 2nd overall

Nora marathon
2nd 35-39 agegroup, 6th overall


Frankfurt marathon, time 2:57:57
New marathon PB

Malmö half marathon, time 1:22:59
New half marathon PB, qualified for the New York marathon

Vol State, 505 km/314 miles, time 6 days 17 hours
18th out of 100 entered overall, 1st 35-39 agegroup aided, 3rd 35-39 agegroup overall

Malta half marathon, time 1:23:47
New half marathon PB


Bislett 24H Indoor Challenge, 24-hours, I ran 150598 meters
My first 24-hour race. Ran despite an injury and placed 6th in the 35-39 agegroup

Trans Scania, 246 km/152 miles, the toughest race in Sweden, time 40:32:00
1st place overall and a new 246 km PB by 15,5 hours

Stockholm marathon, time 3:34:37
Marathon PB when having ran another marathon earlier the same day

Köpenhamn marathon, time 3:32:19
Marathon PB running in Vibram Fivefingers

Kungsholmen runt half marathon, time 1:25:23
New half marathon PB


Trans Scania, 246 km/152 miles, the toughest race in Sweden, time 56:09:00
5th place overall

Stockholm Ultra, 100 km, time 10:35:41
New PB for the 100 km by almost 4 hours

The Great New York 100, 100 km, time 14:29:58
3rd place overall, 2nd 35-39 agegroup

Stockholm marathon, time 2:59:03
New marathon PB


Stockholm marathon, time 3:00:11
New marathon PB


Ran my first ultramarathons, one being the worlds largest ultra; Comrades marathon. Did Ironman Cozumel, Mexiko

Stockholm half marathon, time 1:29:58
New half marathon PB

Malta marathon, time 3:24:11
New marathon PB


Ran my first ever marathon in New York, time 3:45:22
Ran in Vibram Fivefingers

Ran my first half marathon in Stockholm, time 1:36:11